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Acupuncture origins stem from an ancient form of Chinese medicine. It involves the insertion of fine, stainless steel acupuncture needles into the skin at specific points to achieve a therapeutic effect. Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to encourage natural healing, facilitate muscle relaxation, and decrease pain perception to provide relief. Other uses include treatment of hormonal imbalances, digestive disturbances and headaches. It is a safe and effective alternative to medications and surgical interventions.


The acupuncture needles are fine, flexible and rounded at the tip. Unlike hypodermic needles, which are slicing tissue in order to inject or to extract fluids, acupuncture needles are designed to be atraumatic sliding smoothly through the skin and therefore are unlikely to cause bleeding or damage to tissues. Patients can expect to feel mild achiness, heaviness or no sensation at all during treatment.

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