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Our Mission

At our practice, we want to help you experience your best health yet-and we know we can get you there through custom, focused make chiropractic care (Diversified, Thompson and Activator), physiotherapy, acupuncture (TCM & Medical), naturopathic services, registered massage therapy and hot stone massage.

Choosing Boardwalk Integrated Health Centre for your natural health needs means choosing a wellness path for life. In fact, many patients are surprised to find they often visit us for one complaint and find that after care, a number of other issues that may have seemed unrelated at the time seem to get better. That’s because when your nervous system is functioning properly, you’re entire body is able to maintain balance exactly as it was designed to. Schedule a visit with us to see for yourself!

Our Mission is to help as many families as possible. Realize that your body has the ability to heal itself and that the maintenance of health is far superior to the treatment of disease.

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